OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보

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This year, I invested with options xo, from a manager named Tony Nino. I ended up investing 22000 OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 with a failed guaranteed trade. Turns out, trade failed, cost approx. 7000 to insure the trade which was deducted from my account. Now my new account manager name is Ethen Stark. Lately, He seems unavailable to help recover funds. Tried to log into my account, no success. any help available?



I've recently attempted to trade but I didn't even get to use the platform. I've Ben dealing with a broker named Robb Daniels he had Ben calling every week for 7weeks till I could afford a deposit finally got the money together and made a deposit. I was signed up and emailed info to access my account. I had also arranged a time for support to call and assist my first trade. My info had Ben passed to another company and instead of support calling me at the arranged time it was a sales pitch from another company trying to get me to invest in their product as well I ended the call and phoned optionsxo I argued with the support person and asked to speak to a supervisor regarding my info being used elsewhere I reported it to her she told me she would be In touch regards to my claims. I then rearranged another time for assistance on the platform and I've never heard back from them. I've sent countless emails. And called all over the world to no avail. I've also tried the online chat support which no one replied I've since Ben blocked from using any funds on my account and I can't speak to anyone

Jurgens Fourie


To whom it may concern

My name is Jurgens Fourie , and I want to report on how I have been scammed by a company pretending to be a binary option trading company.

The company name is Option XO and it was a link on face book that took me to their website.

I opened my account on their web site and was called by a guy who called himself Nathan Shark and he said he is the senior broker OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 at the company, at that time I only had £250 pounds in my account.

He advise me that he will be dealing with my account and he will assist me with learning the art of trading, he started saying that the minimum trader you can place is £25 and that every time you lose you need to double your amount in the same direction.

The next day he contacted me again and I was expecting some more training, he only talked about that if I don’t deposit more money into the account he can’t really work with my account, the risk is too high. I said that I just want to learn with trading with small amounts, I deposited another £250 and he advised me that he will add £500 bonus money that the company adds to beginner to learn and that I will only not be allowed to draw the bonus out of the account.

I had £1000 pound in my account, I was planning on just playing around but the senior broke asked about what work I do and how much savings do I have and how do handle my investments. I revealed to him that i have about £10 000 in saving.

At this time I thought what a nice bloke sounds he is really interested to assist me with learning how to trade. From then on I could feel ever time we talked he kept on trying to convince me to insert more money; I added £1000 & £2000 to lower the risk as was advised by the broker and also because he said if I don’t deposit more money he can’t assist me anymore with my account, they will give my account to a joiner broker, i trusted that he knows what he is doing, and had not gross my mind that a trading company will be a massive scam.

My account was at £4000 with £500 of bonus, I only found out that at this stage that the amount that needs to be traded is £25 000 before I would be able to with draw any of my money , not only the bonus that I was lied to. When I confronted my broker he said that he will help me lift the volume of trades so that the £25 000 will be achieved in no time , he also said they done £25 000 with an account of £2000 today so mine would be easy.

I was advised that he got some good information on forex with the GBP/USD and if my balance is over £10 000 that is the minimum the company will allow for this info, then they will assist me with the information, at this moment I told my broker that I can add my savings money but I need it back at any time because I am self employed and run the risk of not having income.

I deposited the another £7500 into my account , My count was with the trades I made on +/- £15 000 , Ethan told me to do certain traded that was £2000 & £2000 ,some sort of hedging plan that we would defiantly win. One trade lost and the other won, the next day he told me to trade 2 trades of £6000, I was asking at the time why are using so much money,I thought we going to start learning with small amounts of money , I was told that I should trust him he knows what he is doing and if I need my money back it is easy they have a liquidation proceeds where you trade and don’t won or lost anything by it free all my money. Out of the £6000 traded £4000 was lost, I was not happy and spoke to the broker about it, I was just talked down and said sometimes you sometimes you lose. The next day I saw there is £6000 been added to my account but in the form of bonus money so now I was not in a good place because I had to trade the value of £300 000 to get my money back.

At this time I started to suspect that something is not rite, the next day I decided to ask if I can withdraw my money, he said ok let’s start with the liquidation process, he, made me place 90% of the money on lots of deferent trades and was advised its all hedged so it would work against each other and will not win any or loose. At this time the broker was UN friendly and just want rush me through this trades, I lost most of OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 it there is only £1450 left and the £6000 bonus money.

From the beginning there plan is to get you deposit more and more and then make you win small and then start losing big to turn my money into bonus money that will never be able to withdraw.

I trusted the company and got scammed out of all my money, I asked my broker to see if I can see his broker licence and he just refused, since then i have been trying to get some sort of funds back with no result


After a deep research I have made, I discovered that OptionsXO are actually located in Israel, the owner is Tomer Levy and another owner Glenn Nathtan recently left the company due to repeated chargeback’s that were taken against the company.

They are located in Shenkar 5th in Israel, and their real name is TORO media Ltd which is an Israeli registered company.

I have started a process of reporting the whole story to the Israeli authorities and willing to allow you all to join with your story so we can prevent other from falling to this scam.


OptionsXO is one of the most recently established binary options brokers that are based in Cyprus. The platform is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Although the platform only came online in 2012, OptionsXO has managed to carve a foothold in the competitive binary trading industry chiefly because it has build its business model on the lessons of past mistakes committed by other brokers.

Trading Platform

review of optionsxo

Rather than opting for the generic SpotOption trading platform, OptionsXO had decided to use the platform that is designed by a company called Tech Financials. This is the same company which provided the trading platform to leading binary brokers 24Option and OptionFair. The platform is quite advanced and is suited for a mass market like the binary trading sector. The interface is simple and user friendly but is packed with information about the current market conditions. In addition, there is a live news feed that is displayed prominently on the trading dashboard.

Another thing about OptionsXO’s trading platform is the support for mobile trading. To date, only a select few binary brokers are providing support for mobile trading and OptionsXO is one of them.

Unique Features

The trading platform provided by Tech Financials also incorporated several special features that are excellent tools for profit maximization:

A tool which give traders the opportunity to increase their profits

Allow running trades to be close before their expiration time

Tool for extending the expiration time

  • 30 Second Binary Options

Trade Types

Most binary brokers offer their clients a choice of four or five different types of trading contracts. However, with OptionsXO, traders have a choice of seven different types of trading contracts. These include:

  • 30 Second Options
  • 60 Second Options
  • Above/Below
  • Boundary
  • Boundary High Yield
  • Classic High/Low
  • One Touch
  • One Touch High Yield

With the high yield options such as Above/Below, High-Yield boundary, and High-Yield Touch, traders get the chance to earn returns as high as 360%! For those who want to have a quick turnaround of their investments, they can opt for the 60 second options. This type of option expired exactly in one minute.

Trading Accounts

As for the types of trading accounts, traders have a selection of four types of trading account:

  • Mini (Standard Account)
  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

The mini account only requires $25 to open. However, if traders want an additional 4% returns, they should open a Platinum trading account which requires an initial deposit of $15,000. Although this is a large sum by most standards, the good thing about this the fact that OptionsXO is willing to let traders claim a 150% deposit bonus on this sum.

Payout Ratios

The payout ratios offered by OptionsXO is slightly above that of the industry standard. For normal trading, trades can get a return up to 89%. As for high yields, the returns go as high as 360%. Even losing trades are entitled to a rebate of 15%.

Asset Index

OptionsXO currently have 88 listed underlying assets that are tradable. These are as shown below:


Tata Motors Ltd

Nasdaq 100- Future

Customer Support

Customer support is available is various major languages like:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Contact can be made through the normal channels like email, live chat, Fax or phone. For the benefit of the clients, OptionsXO also provided several localized contacts numbers for the following countries:

  • Australia, Sydney
  • Bahrain
  • Canada, Montreal
  • France, Paris
  • Germany, Berlin
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • Italy, Milan
  • Luxembourg
  • South-Africa, Cape Town
  • Spain, Madrid
  • OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보
  • United Kingdom, London
  • United States, New York


Being a regulated broker, traders are ensured of legal protections of their rights as a consumer. In addition, several others security measures are adopted by OptionsXO to help maintain the safety of their clients’ funds. These include using 128 bit SSL encryption to safeguard all internet traffic between the client’s computer and the broker’s server. Furthermore, all deposited funds are kept at Barclays Bank in London.

  • 15% Rebates For Out Of The Money Trades
  • Generous Deposit Bonuses
  • Good Range Of Trading Contracts
  • High Returns Up To 89%
  • Large Number Of Underlying Assets
  • Low Minimum Initial Deposits
  • Numerous Trading Tools For Risk Management
  • Various Promotional Offers
  • Demo Account Not Provided
  • High Withdrawal Fees

Although OptionsXO is a relatively new broker, it has proven itself by OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 providing their clients which several unique tools that only goes to make a trader’s life easier. Furthermore, they made it easy and simple to trade with them by requiring only a low initial deposit of $25 to open a trading account. Returns are also higher than most brokers. The only major complaint about them is the high fees they charge for withdrawals. Apart from this, traders will get to enjoy trading with them.

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OptionsXO LogIn

OptionsXO was created with the goal of bringing high technology and integrity to the binary options trading world. Today, the broker boasts over 14 billion dollars in turnover every month. The good news is that registration on OptionsXO is absolutely free of charge for all traders. No pre-deposits, subscription fees or membership costs are required. Potential traders are not charged anything to sign up with OptionsXO. The broker imposes no restrictions on traders both during and after registration.

A trader may remain with OptionsXO for as long as they desire. The process for registration and logging in to OptionsXO is very safe, simple and easy as traders only need to supply their data during the initial registration process. It is very easy to register on OptionsXO by following these steps:

  • Click on “Open Account” in the top menu.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Click on “Open Account”

For own safety, before making your initial deposit, OptionsXO will require verification of all the data provided. Government-issued ID with a photo, copy of your credit card, and some personal/residence bill displaying complete name and address are also required. Once verification is complete, trader receives an activation email. This entire process will not take longer than 24 hours to complete.

Once registered, the trader can make a deposit that enables trading, by using a credit card or wire transfer. What makes OptionsXO stand out from other binary options trading platforms in the industry is the fact that this broker offers several account types to select from. In addition to a Demo account with a minimum deposit of 200 USD, GBP or EUR, there is a Silver, Gold and Platinum account.

OptionsXO Bonus

Bonuses are rewarded by OptionsXO upon request. OptionsXO offers various attractive reward features for both new and regular users. As part of the OptionsXO promotions program, OptionsXO rewards customers with bonuses and one-time trading credits. Traders may use this bonus to test out their trading skills without actually risking any real amounts of money. Such practice provides traders with valuable experience that will come in handy during real live trading.

To enjoy the free bonus from OptionsXO, it is not required to deposit any money. It is possible to sign up and wait to receive a bonus, completely free of charge. After accepting the bonus, one is required to execute trades to the value of the deposit plus the bonus times 20. Therefore, before withdrawing any funds, this condition must be fulfilled. In addition, before being able to withdraw any bonus and profits, one will need to attain the trading volume of the indicated value. In the event that one fails to do so, the bonus and profits will be forfeited and the trader may only withdraw the funds deposited.

The promotions that OptionsXO offers will specify the terms and conditions of each bonus. Once these terms have been met, the bonus will be allocated to the account balance as the currency that you can withdraw freely with any additional funds in your OptionsXO account.

Refer a Friend OptionsXO Bonus

Traders are also entitled to receive the OptionsXO Refer a Friend Bonus or RF Bonus in short. To receive this, refer a friend to OptionsXO in accordance with the broker’s referral procedure. Your friend is then required to open a user account with OptionsXO, deposit at least 200 units and then perform a trade. Once this is done, both of you will receive 50 units as a bonus within 2 business days. To withdraw this bonus, you are required to make trades in the volume of a minimum of 30 times the bonus sum.

There is no limit on the number of RF bonuses a trader may OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 receive, although this one is granted once per friend. It is possible to enjoy the free bonus offered by OptionsXO simply by signing up for the binary options account. Traders who do this will then have access to the bonus money which is deposited into the live account with no prior commitment on deposits. The idea behind the OptionsXO bonus is simple. It is designed to serve as an incentive to attract newer investments for the binary brokerage account. In order to be eligible for these free bonuses, traders are subjected to various fees that they have to pay. This bonus comes with various terms and conditions that regulate the withdrawal of profits.

OptionsXO Demo Account

OptionsXO offers a demo account to new traders signing up on their site. The OptionsXO demo account is good because it allows traders to try out the platform, trade with virtual money and see whether their strategies work.

This demo account makes it easy for both beginner and pro traders to test the OptionsXO trading platform and trade OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 binaries without the risk of losing real money. The demo account is a great way for traders to develop their own trading skills free of charge. In order to use the demo account, sign up on the OptionsXO site and open an account on their virtual trading platform. This demo account enables traders to purchase binary options with virtual money while still enjoying the regular features of the real OptionsXO trading account.

What this means is that traders are able to purchase binaries in exactly the same manner as they would in the real market at prices that reflect real, live trading prices. This is what differentiates demo trading from the simple simulation of the markets and is the reason why demo accounts are increasingly popular among advanced traders who use them as valuable tools for strategy testing. Trading on this demo account means you get to enjoy a completely free service without having to part with any money on the OptionsXO platform.

Even though there are no financial risks, demo trading gives traders a good indication as to whether or not they are likely to reap profits should they choose to trade for real. When experiencing any troubles using the demo account, simply contact OptionsXO customer support via 24/5 Live Chat, phone or email and receive assistance in a variety of languages.

OptionsXO Mobile Trading

OptionsXO is one of the top binary options trading platforms optimized for mobile use. OptionsXO has developed their mobile trading platform to provide traders with fast and easy access to their binary trading accounts. Regardless of their location, traders are able to enter their account, monitor market conditions and thereafter execute trades whenever lucrative opportunities appear. The full functionality of this mobile trading platform enables traders to trade at high aptitude regardless of their location or time, by simply using their mobile phone.

OptionsXO is just one of the top binary options trading platforms that have been optimized for mobile use through the introduction of apps that every Android or iPhone user is aware of, as well as web-apps that work directly within smartphone browsers, although independent of the operating system.

Sign up with OptionsXO today and enjoy access to their apps for both Android and iPhone devices to enjoy a superb trading experience.

OptionsXO Platform Review

This is a summarized review of optionsXO:-

  • The deposit requirement in the beginning is $100.
  • The trading platform is easy to utilize and advanced.
  • The customer service is attentive, friendly, and available in multiple languages.
  • The payout ratio is extremely high.
  • The trading platform is very rich OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 when it comes to features.
  • The welcome bonuses are very high.

XOtradeScreen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.41.28

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages associated with this online broker:

  • The withdrawal fees are very high.
  • There is no demo account available. The reason why the demo account is important is because it enables traders to practice before they official join and invest real money.

Based on our review, it is clear to us that the online broker puts the interest of their traders before everything. An example of this is that they are making it very easy for individuals to open accounts since the minimum deposit required is only $100. Other than that, the payout ratio require is 89% and this is above the standard of the industry. The concept that they are regulated is another advantage as well. Overall, this is a great online broker that you should consider taking a look at if you are interested in online trading.

Overall, the online broker is reliable if they fix certain aspects in their system such as the initial deposit and not being clear about who exactly owns the company. Even though they are not one of our best companies, they can definitely be on the way if they take the time to improve the points mentioned previously. Take your time in looking at all the different features provided by the broker before you make your decision because this is going to enable you to understand if the broker is suitable for you.


Master the markets with IQ Option

  • Get a FREE $10,000 demo account
  • Start trading with only $10
  • Invest with a licensed and regulated broker

With IQ Option, you will be trading with an award-winning broker recognised and praised by industry experts. Get your IQ Option account today!

optionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보


choh***(OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 간호사) 처음 홈페이지가 이뻐서 여기로 선택했는데 다른곳보다 여러 상품들도 상세하게 나오고 한눈에 보기 쉬워서 좋아요. 주식하는 느낌으로 하기 좋네요! qwer***(무직) 왠지 전문가가 된 느낌도 좋고 홈페이지도 대체적으로 다 디자인도 깔끔하고 성능도 좋네요. 마치 프로그램 설치한것마냥 사용할수 있어서 좋아요. 그리고 친구 초대했더니 돈도 주고 OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 해서 더 좋네요

optionsXO의 매력

1. 강력한 웹플랫폼

증가하는 거래량

한눈에 보기 쉬우며 전문적인 웹플랫폼을 통해 설치없이 바로 거래가 가능합니다.

2. 고수익 거래 제공

입증된 트레이딩 앱

각거래당 200%~360%의 수익을 자랑하는 고수익 거래모델을 제공합니다 바이너리옵션, 원터치 옵션, 바운더리 옵션에서 이용 가능합니다

3. 다양한 계정 유형

입증된 트레이딩 앱

일반적으로 처음 가입시 받게 되는 미니계정부터 시작하여 실버, 골드, OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 플레티넘까지 계정등급이 존재하여 등급이 올라갈수록 좋은 우대를 받으실수 있습니다.

4. 친구 추천 서비스

빠른 처리 속도

친구 추천시, 500달러를 받을수 있으시며, 추천한 친구의 첫결제 금액의 10%까지 받으실수 있습니다.



첫 번째 단계 :홈페이지에서 무료계정 버튼을 누르신후 기본정보를 입력하고 등록하기 버튼을 눌러서 회원가입을 합니다.

두 번째 단계 :추가 제공 정보를 클릭하여 개인 세부정보를 입력합니다.

세 번째 단계 :계정에 자금을 입금하여 거래를 시작합니다.

입금 방법

입금 방법

첫 번째 단계 :홈페이지에서 계정에 로그인을 합니다.

두 번째 단계 :계정에서 뱅킹을 누르신후 예치를 눌러 결제 페이지로 이동하여 원하는 지불방법을 선택후 자금 예치하기 버튼을 누릅니다.

탐색기 세부정보 창 파일정보 확장하기

탐색기의 '보기' 탭에는 '세부정보 창'이 있고 세부정보 창을 이용하면 선택된 파일의 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다. 그런데 세부정보라고는 파일크기와 만든날짜, 수정날짜뿐이 안보여주기때문에 세부정보라 하기 무색합니다.

세부정보 창에서 보고 싶은건 버전정보이기때문에 약간의 수정 작업을 통해 세부정보 창을 확장해보고자 합니다. 물론 버전정보 이외에도 원하는 정보를 더 OptionsXO 플랫폼의 세부정보 볼수있도록 추가할 수 있습니다.

탐색기 세부정보 창 수정전 탐색기 세부정보 창 수정후

위와같이 버전정보나 파일속성등을 보여주도록 정보창을 확장합니다.

윈도우상에는 별도의 옵션이 없기때문에 이 기능이 필요하다면 레지스트리를 약간 수정하여야 합니다. 작업은 확장자를 기준으로 합니다. 여기서는 exe 확장자를 대상으로 작업해보겠습니다.

모두 같은 원리이기때문에 다른 확장자에도 같은 방식으로 적용 가능합니다. 각자가 필요한 확장자를 대상으로 작업하면 되겠죠.

레지스트리 작업이라 걱정된다면 걱정하실 필요없습니다. 원상태로 돌릴려면 작업한 레지스트리 키를 삭제해버리면 간단하게 원래대로 돌아갑니다.

우선 작업표시줄의 검색창에 레지스트리 에디터를 입력하여 에디터를 엽니다.

레지스트리 편집기

대부분 위와같은 상태입니다. 기본값에 등록된 데이터값을 확인하고 다시 이 값을 가진 레지스트리 항목으로 찾아가야합니다.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile 가 되겠죠.

레지스트리 편집기

레지스트리 편집기

새로운 문자열값을 만들어줘야 합니다.

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데이타값을 보면 FileVersion, Size, Copyright. 등이 있는걸 보아 바로 눈치 채셨을겁니다. 윈도우 시스템의 메타데이타입니다. 이 메타데이타는 종류가 많이 있습니다. 원하는대로 골라서 나열해주면 됩니다.

prop:으로 시작하고 ;으로 각 항목을 구분해 줍니다.

아래의 마이크로소프트 사이트에 시스템의 메타데이터의 목록을 확인할 수 있습니다.

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